About Us
Choice Y T Trading is leading machinery supplies company, set up in September 1996. The Company is headed by Yap Chuan Chong. During 03 Mar 2006, Mr Yap had established another new company name Choice Y T Machinery Sdn Bhd.

Our story

Our founder has many years of experience in the machinery industry. He had worked with various trading company in overseas. However, he also brings Choice Y T Machinery Sdn Bhd to an added advantage - 11 years with an international machinery productivity consultant.

Being a woodworking machinery consultant has encouraged us to look at machinery service lines from a slightly different perspective. Choice Y T Machinery Sdn Bhd is not only concerned with impact, response and noise levels, but also analyses events for a more important factor: returns.

This view has helped Choice Y T Machinery Sdn Bhd's clients evaluate their machinery ideas and devices not only in short-term returns, but more importantly, with a view towards long term gains.

Nowadays, Choice Y T Machinery Sdn Bhd has been enhances their service into various type such as Sales & Repairing Imported Woodworking Machine, Air Compressor, Air Tools, Power Tools, TCT Saw Blade for Wood, Aluminum and Acrylic, Planer Blade, Solid Cutter & Router Bit.

Choice Y T Machinery Sdn Bhd employs experienced staff members as operation executives for promising better sales & services to the end user.

Nature of business:

Service and repairing woodworking machine, air tools, power tools. Imported Virutex products, TCT saw blade, TCT & HSS planner blade, bandsaw blade and router bit from Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Taiwan.

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