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New design with improved thermodynamics, granting a shorter heating with less power consumption.

Quick change concept, allowing the unit to be taken out/mounted back in less than a minute - a feature very useful for cleaning and maintenance or when a fast change of glue type or colour is necessary.

Full TEFLON coating of the whole assembly

The molten glue is injected at the upper and the lower points of the application roller where heating elements are built in to maintain optimum working temperature.

Automatic temperature control by electronic thermostat preventing the scorching of the glue when the machine is idle.

Glue tank (1.5 kg capacity) of solid aluminum casting specially machined to leave the interior surface of the glue pot even, with no edges and sharp angles to facilitate the flow of the molten glue and its draining when cleaning cycle is performed.

Improved sealing of the whole assembly to reduce moisture absorption when working with PUR glues (DUOMELT upgrade option).

Fast and easy cleaning when changing from EVA to PUR and vice versa due to the simple and efficient draining system of the residual glue in the glue pot.


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